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Why do you have to choose MAXENs to be your choice ?
Apart from our distinguished company values and expertise already described on this website, we,
at MAXENs, ensure that we have capability to work closely with our clients as a long-term and trustworthy
partner, and to cope with any engineering challenges to help them achieve cost effective solutions.
We are committed to deliver projects on time and on the budget.

How is MAXENs doing its business ?
We, at MAXENs, are always doing our business in a straightforward and professional manner to ensure
our clients’ satisfaction and their cost efficiency. For example, in doing our construction contract, we always
offer appropriate service obligations and limitations of liability to ovoid an unwanted disagreement.

How would MAXENs deal with safety issues ?
We are always committed to carefully comply with any applicable state and local safety and health rules and
regulations that are required. Hence we make sure that safe work environments are regularly provided to our
employees and our clients in the construction site. In doing so, tools, vehicles, ladders, scaffolding, and other
machines and equipment being used in the site will be properly maintained at all times. And some common
issues including disposal of solid waste and hazardous materials must be taken into our consideration. Our
team members must be well trained to achieve our own standards and they must acknowledge their roles
and responsibility for their life and their co-workers’. The public and the environment must be kept away from
accidental harm.

Does MAXENs have a quality assurance or quality control programme ?
Yes, we do. We have developed and implemented our own quality programmes
to meet any international standards that require.